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Was the famous skyjacker 'D.B. Cooper' a former paratrooper and an actual employee of the airline that was extorted out of $200,000 in cash? Maybe.

See the DB Cooper Info Page shown at the top of the menu for more details.

NEW: AB of Seattle has created a new discussion forum at ProBoards. It leans toward discussions on DB Cooper, but also provides support to writers. Updated information on our Summer 2016 Ariel Store restoration project can be found there. AB of Seattle is sponsoring two fundraisers, (and pitching in with some direct labor) in an effort to re-open the Ariel General Store and Tavern, home to the world-famous 'DB Cooper Days' festival. If you'd like to donate, (and claim your perk) just go HERE.

We call our new discussion forum Unsolved Crimes - The Adventure Books Forum.  You can find it HERE.  

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If you want to interact with the staff of Adventure Books, this is a good place to do it. The forum was created by AB's managing editor and he hangs out there a lot. All new information on the DB Cooper case is released here.  Registration is free...and easy to do.

All MAJOR articles on the DB Cooper case published by Adventure Books appear at our DB Cooper Wordpress Column.

NEW: A one-hour video on the case against DB Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen has been posted to YouTube. Filmed on location in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State on June 12, 2015. See it at YouTube, or embedded on our DB Cooper Info Page.