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Was the famous skyjacker 'D.B. Cooper' a former paratrooper and an actual employee of the airline that was extorted out of $200,000 in cash? Maybe.

NEWS: We do sponsor 'DB Cooper' public campout gatherings occasionally, in the Olympic National Forest of Washington State. See the Meetups page for full details, and how you can attend our next one, scheduled for Friday, October 4th, 2019 through Sunday, October 6th. UPDATE: This Cooper Campout is full up as of 09/07/2019, but another one is scheduled for Spring 2020.

NEW: On November 29, 2018 we established an informational site on the Cooper case via Quora, the Q and A website. Contribute or view content to our special Everything D.B. Cooper 'space' site at Quora HERE. You must be registered at Quora to contribute material. Unlike other websites, Quora requires users to register under human names (no usernames) and to provide a legitimate profile. The Cooper Space on Quora has over 1,400 followers to date, all of whom receive an email any time new content is posted. The full content, including any links or pictures that accompany a post, are sent out to other followers in their entirety. This makes our Quora 'Everything D.B. Cooper' site there the single biggest public reach on the Cooper case. In other words, if you are a contributor, your new content will reach over a thousand people who signed up to receive that content. 

HOW TO BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR:  After you register and establish your profile at Quora, go to the Cooper page shown above in the HERE link, and 'follow' the page. Make a comment to one of the recent articles saying you would like to move from just following the page to being a Contributor. We then enable this for you. 

Occasionally, Quora staff select a particularly interesting post and send it out to up to 10,000 additional users at Quora. An added bonus. 

If you need help becoming a Contributor to the Cooper space at Quora, contact Robert Blevins at and he will guide you through the process.   

What's New? Check our frequently-updated News and Info page.  

Our next AB campout? See the Meetups page. Our last one for this year was held October 4-7, 2019. The next one will be in Spring 2020.

Our WordPress on the D.B. Cooper case is HERE.

A 90-minute video on the case against DB Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen has been posted to YouTube. Filmed on location in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State on June 12, 2015. See it at YouTube, or embedded on our DB Cooper Info Page. 75,000 views to date...and counting. 

NEW: To download the 54-page report sent to the Seattle FBI on Christiansen, click HERE.

PDF document showing writing hints by Allen Guthrie HERE. ('Hunting Down the Pleonasm') Funny and GOOD.

PDF presentations by Ethan and his brother Clay on the case. 

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