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Adventure Books of Seattle

Publishing Unique Titles Since 2003   

Adventure Books of Seattle is an independent wholesale trade publisher of select, high-quality books.  AB is headed up by managing editors Geoff Nelder of Chester, Great Britain and Robert Blevins of Auburn, Washington state, USA. Other staff include Greg the Techie Guy, Phoebe Ezell, and Gayla Prociv.

All e-Books are published exclusively through Amazon for the Kindle. Paperbacks are released at wholesale trade rates through Ingram/Lightning Source, and are also available at Amazon.

To see these exciting books, check AB's Kindle Book page or search us out at Amazon!

If you are a bookstore, wholesaler, or retail rep, find our titles on your Ingram database at the trade rate. We publish at the trade rate through Lightning Source/Ingram worldwide, everywhere they have a print and distribution center. 

Free UFO Skywatch Party Coming Soon!

Dates: Friday morning, July 9, 2021 until Sunday morning, July 11.

Location: Ten miles south of Greenwater, WA in the Snoqualmie National Forest. Main entry: Washington state highway 410, aka 'The Crystal Mountain Highway'.

Many amenities provided, including a Best UFO Story or Presentation for generous prizes. Party site is south of Haller Pass at 5,000 feet altitude and NO CITY LIGHTS for miles to ensure great viewing. 

For full details, check our UFO Skywatch Party page for details. To get started, see our five-page PDF HERE. 

Other Stuff...

Our WordPress on the D.B. Cooper case is HERE. Contains about 50 illustrated articles related to the Cooper case. 

Our Quora 'Everything D.B. Cooper' site is HERE.

A 90-minute video on the case against DB Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen has been posted to YouTube. Filmed on location in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State on June 12, 2015. See it at YouTube, or embedded on our DB Cooper Info Page. 85,000 views to date...and counting. 

NEW: To download the 54-page report sent to the Seattle FBI on Christiansen, click HERE.

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