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What's It All About?

Scheduled for the second weekend of June 2021, AB of Seattle is hosting a '50th Anniversary D.B. Cooper Festival' to be held north of Mount Rainier, in the Snoqualmie National Forest.
It's a tribute to the Cooper Day parties that were held at the Ariel General Store and Tavern in Ariel, WA until 2016. The festival runs from Friday morning, June 11, 2021 through Sunday June 13, and is an organized campout in the Mount Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest, and can be reached by any car or truck. The nearest town to the festival is Enumclaw, WA and the nearest store is on Highway 410 at the little village of Greenwater, WA.  

Participation is by arrangement with AB of Seattle from interested people. Attendance is limited to the number of people authorized by our permit, but that number is fairly generous. We have a non-commercial group use permit from the US Forest Service for this event. To get on the 'confirmed' list, and receive email updates (done Bcc so that your email address is not shared publicly) use the Contact Form. 

Requests through the Contact Form will be checked to ensure the validity of the email address you provide, before you are added to the list. It's how we keep out the spammers. Contact Form submissions will be responded to by AB staff personally as they are received.

A PDF with final details and a driving map to the site itself will be sent to everyone on the email list prior to the campout. You just print it out and staple it together. It contains information on events at the campout, Special Guest Speaker information, and suggestions on what to bring. Directions are easy to follow, but in case you get lost, cell phones do work up there, and we provide you with a number to call. We also have walkie-talkies programmed to the Family Radio Service frequencies, and we let you know which frequency we monitor. You can also reach us by CB radio if you wish, and we provide that channel to you as well. Campsites are handed out on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are plenty to choose from. The main festival location is about the size of a football field, with two dead-end spur roads that run about a hundred yards from the main site. If you have a larger vehicle, or want a bit more privacy, you will probably be asked to camp there. But it's only a one-minute walk to the main area.   

Some minor rules will be in place for the event, which is completely FREE to attend:

Alcohol is allowed as long as you are of legal age, as well as anything else designated legal by Washington state and the U.S. Forest Service. 

If you are interested in attending this party, it's a good idea to contact us and get all the details you can before making a decision. You have plenty of time, but getting on the initial list is also a good idea, because we are receiving a fair number of requests already.  

We're bringing a large stereo, microphones, and speakers for music, as well as to use for a public address system. The PA is for anyone who wishes to do a presentation on the DB Cooper case over the weekend. If you are a known, (or newbie) armchair investigator on the case, feel free to step up to our modest stage to do a presentation. We provide ways to present your media (images, a video, etc) if you want. We do this using a high-definition media projector and a ten-foot diagonal movie screen. Or, you can use our 32" smart TV and the remote for it to slideshow images or run video. This setup will provide not only nightly entertainment, but a lot of fun. 

We power everything with a 5,000 watt portable generator set off some distance away, with a 'silencing box' placed over it. During tests, we found that it cannot be heard more than ten feet away. Because we are fans of 'Going Green,' we also power this generator using propane tanks, rather than using gasoline. It's cleaner and safer. 

Two separate flush toilet and shower tents, one for men, and one for women are provided. (See picture on the right.) To heat water for the shower, you can use a stove or our 1500-watt water heater that drops into a five-gallon bucket. A small table and other amenities are inside each tent for your use. Shower bags with nozzles are included or bring your own. There is one provided for each shower tent, along with a short ladder to help you hang it to the top of the tent. Compartments in the shower/bath tents hold your toiletries as well. 

We also provide a comprehensive First Aid kit with some over the counter meds, and if you have any special medical needs, you should let us know. This event is an Equal Opportunity Festival and provisions for the disabled are provided as much as possible. 

Bring your favorite movies, music, and even a full-blown video game system if you wish. We can power them, and all power outlets are surge-suppressed to prevent damage to your devices. You can also charge your cell phone or laptop through our public power station. At night, we usually show movies or other programming on the big screen. If you have a video game system, feel free to hook it to the smart TV if that's your thing. If people want, we will even have a dance using your favorite music. This can be MP3 format on a flash drive, CD's or whatever. For the most part, we simply provide the means of entertainment, and guests decide how they want to use them. There is no real structured 'program' on this. 

Special guests are expected to attend relating to the D.B. Cooper case. They include an author or two, and people who have appeared on national television about Cooper. But it is still a party celebrating the 50th anniversary year of the Cooper case. 

AB of Seattle practices 'Leave It As You Found It' and trash receptacles will be available at the site all weekend. Anyone attending will be asked to help us out at the end and haul off at least ONE bag of trash. 

Questions? Contact Robert or Greg at 

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NEW! See the video by Robert Blevins with basic information about the festival by clicking the 'MORE' menu above and selecting 'DB Cooper Festival Video'.

UPDATE: Due to the number of questions we've received so far, we have created a MORE FAQ's on Cooper Party page. If your question isn't answered HERE, it probably is THERE. You can click the link in this paragraph, or just use the one along the top of the page. 

Covid-19 Policy for This Event: 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, if working vaccines are freely available, ALL campers signed up for the party will be required to provide proof-of-vaccination before being approved to attend the party. 

There are no exceptions to this.
Look at the bright side. If you know everyone else has had the vaccine, mask wearing will be optional. We believe this is the responsible thing to do. By next year, many employers will probably require the same thing. 

No worries, though. If you are on the email list, we will make it easy for you to confirm your vaccination with us long beforehand. Just obtain a receipt or other proof from the place where you got your vaccine that shows you received it. You can present this on the day of the event, or even better, email a copy to us beforehand, if you are on the confirmed list. Once the vaccine becomes commonly available, we will send you a reminder as the date of the festival approaches. (probably more than once)

Frequently Asked Questions -

Can I make a presentation on the Cooper hijacking, discuss my book, or show my research on the case?

Answer: Of course you can, and we welcome you to do so! We have microphones and a PA system to help you along, as well as electronics to present any pictures or other media you might have on the big screen or the TV. You will rock, and people will love you. 

What the heck is this festival all about?

Answer:  The Ariel General Store and Tavern were the previous hosts of 'D.B. Cooper Days' down in southwest Washington near Longview. (Picture center top of this page) The store closed in 2016, and ever since there has been no annual party celebrating The Guy Who Got Away With It.

Cooper jumped from a Boeing 727 on November 24, 1971 with $200,000 he extorted from Northwest Airlines and was never seen again. Northwest residents, and even people from all around the world have showed up at the Ariel Tavern for Cooper Days, and did so for 40 years. But when the store closed, so did the annual party. Adventure Books of Seattle is hosting their own version, which will go for not ONE day, but for THREE days. 

Basically, we set up a main campsite with public shelter, a movie screen with media projector, provide a public BBQ, flush toilet and shower, and a 5,000 watt sound-suppressed generator with a power station anyone can use. You can use this station to power your devices, charge your phones and laptops, and tap into it for other personal uses if you want. 

A 'DB Cooper Character Lookalike Contest' will be held on Saturday. The best in each category receive Amazon Gift Cards as prizes, including second and third place in each category, with an overall winner. This was a very popular part of the old Ariel Store parties and we wish to continue that tradition. People dress up as Cooper, one of the stewardesses, or one of the Flight Crew. Those are the categories, and the prizes are GENEROUS. 

If I want to attend, what should I bring?

Answer:  Bring a CHAIR for everyone in your group! That's the first thing. We do NOT provide chairs. (We have held events similar to this one on a smaller scale, and the Number One thing people forgot was a chair.) Bring your own food, drink, and shelter, even if it means just sleeping in your truck or car. If you want to take a shower, or to help with water supplies for the flush toilet, bring plenty of water with you. On the Saturday evening of the campout, AB of Seattle will sponsor a free BBQ. We do the meats, and you provide your own side dishes. Side activities include day hiking, mountain biking, and four-wheeling on the many Forest Service roads in the area. In any case, when we email you the final information on the festival with the maps and directions, it includes suggestions on gear you might want to bring with you. 

How come you can't tell me exactly where the party will be? Why does it have to be a secret?

Answer: There are several reasons. The biggest reason is that if you aren't signed up to go, or on the Planning Committee, you don't NEED to know. We CAN tell you it's just north of the Mount Rainier National Park, and the view of Mt. Rainier is excellent. (To join the Planning Committee, just use the Contact Form.)

Another reason why only confirmed attendees are given directions and all information to the festival site is because we have to ensure that everyone has had the Covid vaccine, so we work from a list of confirmed attendees to ensure your safety. Everything is on a need-to-know basis. If you aren't on the list, you don't need to know. You get on that list by contacting us directly, or by  using the Contact Form. 

Don't wait...get on the list via the Contact Form. Two weeks prior to the campout, we send you a PDF with a map, all necessary contact information (cell phone numbers and radio frequency we use), and everything else you need to join us on Friday morning, June 4th, 2021. 

But the first thing you should do is get on the update/mailing list early. 

Sincerely, and a big thank you from:

Robert, Greg, Gayla, Geoff, and the staff of Adventure Books of Seattle. 

See you the second weekend of June!