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What's It All About?

Scheduled for the second weekend of July 2021, AB of Seattle is hosting a FREE '50th Anniversary D.B. Cooper Party' to be held north of Mount Rainier, in the Snoqualmie National Forest. 

The festival runs from Friday morning, July 9, 2021 through Sunday morning July 11, and is an organized campout, and can be reached by most cars or trucks. The nearest town to the festival is Enumclaw, WA and the nearest store is on Washington State Highway 410 at the little village of Greenwater, WA. 

You must be 21 years of age to attend.

Attendance is open to anyone. We have a non-commercial group use permit from the US Forest Service for this event. To receive monthly email updates on the festival,(done BCC so that your email address is not shared publicly) use the Contact Form on this page, or contact us directly at 

How to attend:

1) Fill out the Contact Form at the top center of this page and answer the relevant questions. 

Or contact us directly at our main email: 

Drop-ins ARE allowed without signing up using the Contact Form, but it's better if you contact us either with the Form on this page, or email us to get on the main list. This is because a print-ready PDF with maps, contact info, supply suggestions, and all other information will be emailed to you a couple of weeks PRIOR to the party. You just print it up and staple it together and you are ready to rock. 

Campsites are pick-your-own-spot and done on a first-come, first-served basis starting Friday, July 9, 2021 at 6AM. 

If you are NOT on the email list, then you can download that PDF on July 7, 2021 right here on this page, two days prior to the party, and print it up. The reason we don't make it public earlier is because we have to go up there a couple of days beforehand and do setup. 

Directions are easy to follow, but in case you get lost, cell phones do work up there, and we provide you with a number to call. We also use Baofeng ham radios programmed to the 22 Family Radio Service frequencies, like these at Amazon, which we highly recommend for the money. They take 3 AA batteries. Those are pretty good radios, although we use the full-featured Baofeng UV-5R plus radios with extended antennas. You should be able to reach us on any FRS unit. If you use old fashioned CB, we monitor Channel 14. 

Separate flush toilet and shower tents, one for men, and one for women are provided. Other amenities are inside each tent for your use, such as a table, chair, and electric shower units. Please bring PLENTY of water to help us out. It can come from your garden hose.  

Bring your favorite movies, music, and even a full-blown video game system if you wish. We can power them all either on a TV or a big screen. Charge your cell phone or laptop through our public power station. If you bring a musical instrument, you are welcome to use the stage, the microphones, and the PA system when it isn't being used.

Page last updated on 03/15/2021.

Official Contact Form

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Sincerely, Robert, Gayla, and the staff of Adventure Books of Seattle. You may also contact us directly at
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UPDATE: Due to the number of questions we've received so far, we have created a MORE FAQ's on Cooper Party page. If your question isn't answered here, it probably is there. Please read the FAQ page! 

Covid-19 Policy for This Event: 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone attending is encouraged to get the Covid vaccine prior to the event. 

Frequently Asked Questions -

Can I make a presentation on the Cooper hijacking, discuss my book, or show my research on the case?

Answer: Of course you can, and we welcome you to do so! We have microphones and a PA system to help you along, as well as electronics to present any pictures or other media  on the big screen or the TV. You will rock, and people will love you. 

What is this festival about? 

Answer: It is a thank-you to DB Cooper fans, authors of books on the case, and the many armchair investigators on DB Cooper. There is no charge to attend. 

HOW IT WORKS: Adventure Books staff and a couple of volunteers will travel to the site some days in advance to do setup. We erect a day shelter using very large tarps, and then put up a ten-foot movie screen with media projector, a small stage with PA system and stereo, two flush toilets and electric showers inside two shower tents, and hook up a 5,000 watt sound-suppressed generator. You can use a public power station we do to charge your phones and laptops, or tap into it for other personal uses if you want. 

A 'DB Cooper Character Lookalike Contest' will be held on Saturday. The best in each category receive Amazon Gift Cards as prizes, including second and third place in each category, with an overall winner.  People dress up as Cooper, one of the stewardesses, or one of the Flight Crew. There is also a free Spaghetti Feed on Saturday afternoon. All food is provided under WA state Food Handler rules, and all servers have current and valid WA state Food Handler Permits. 

If I want to attend, what should I bring with me?

Answer:  Bring a CHAIR for everyone in your group. We do NOT provide chairs. Bring your own food, drink, and shelter, even if it means just sleeping in your car or truck. 

A press release about the Festival is being sent to all major Puget Sound and Portland, Oregon media about six weeks prior to the event. 

If all this seems complicated, just imagine how tough it is to organize a Covid-free party in the middle of a pandemic. It's not easy, but we're doing it nonetheless.

For more information on the DB Cooper hijacking case, or to see 'minor' updates about the Festival, AB of Seattle's Robert Blevins posts often at the D.B. Cooper Discussion Thread at (The website for skydivers.) 

Sincerely, and a big thank you from:

Robert, Greg, Gayla, Geoff, and the staff of Adventure Books of Seattle.

See you the second weekend of July!