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Skywatch Party Coordinates

Google Map Link HERE.

GPS Coordinates:
47.045781 -121.651538

Global Coordinates, traditional:
47°02'44.8"N 121°39'05.5"W

2021 UFO Skywatch Party - July 9-11, 2021

This FREE event is hosted by Adventure Books of Seattle and partly supported by SUFON (Seattle UFO Network, an offshoot of the national organization MUFON). Find SUFON at Facebook HERE. 

The Skywatch Party is an organized campout (and party) being held about ten miles south of Greenwater, WA in the Snoqualmie National Forest, and just north of Mt. Rainier. Attendance is free, and campsites are first-come, first-served, with priority going to anyone from SUFON, MUFON, or who gets on our email contact list prior to the event. If you are ON that list, you are guaranteed a site in the main area. Get on that list by using the Contact Form on your left, or by messaging us directly at 

Where is 'Greenwater, Washington'? (It's on WA State highway 410, east of Enumclaw, WA.) 

US Forest Service rules regarding group camps limit us to a maximum of 75 people in the main area. We probably won't reach that many, frankly speaking, but if we exceed that number, than any other attendees will have to camp just outside the main area. This may be an advantage, since you will have a much more private spot. In any case, there is plenty of room, so no worries. 

Download (and print) our five page PDF about the party HERE. It contains most details, Google Map coordinates, pictures of the site, and full driving directions from either Eastern or Western Washington state. Print it up, staple it together, and examine it closely before you decide to show up. 

Party begins officially at 6AM Friday morning on July 9th, 2021 and runs through Sunday morning. You can stay longer if you wish, but AB of Seattle staff will be packing up and heading home on Sunday morning. 

What WE Provide:  A large telescope for public use. A small stage with a PA system and microphones, a stereo, and both a smart TV and a high-def media projector. The TV is for anyone who wants to use it to make a media presentation and you can do video or still shots on it using the remote. Or it can be used to hook up a video game system if that's your thing. The media projector and ten foot screen are used at night for a number of things, but include movies, videos, or other material. Both these devices take either a flash drive or a DVD player for presentations or movies. (We're bringing about 70 movies of our own, and feel free to bring your own if you wish.)

There is also a Public Power Station to charge your devices with surge suppression to avoid damage to your laptops, cameras, phones, etc. 

All main power comes from a 5,000 watt propane-powered generator set off some distance from the main area. We run long extension cords from it to power everything, including some power for public use when higher amounts of power are needed. (We power the public charging station with solar panels and a portable power station.)

There will be a free BBQ lunch on Saturday. This is for the first 75 people, or until we run out of food. Mostly hot dogs and condiments, with some side dishes. Anyone helping to prepare food will be vaccinated, wear gloves and PPE gear, and hold a current Washington State Food Handler's Card. 

There is a Best UFO Presentation or Best UFO Story Contest with generous prizes in the form of Amazon gift cards. This is held on Saturday.

We welcome UFO researchers, authors, or just fans to step up to the stage and present their stuff, whatever it is. You may win an Amazon gift card.

We encourage you to bring your telescopes, video cameras, and whatever else you have to keep checking the night sky for possible UFO sightings. In a historical sense, this is a good place to do it for a couple of reasons. First, the 5,000 foot elevation makes it a great place to skywatch, and there are no city lights for many miles around. Second, it is the spot where on June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold saw a group of UFO's from his private plane. He wasn't flying over that exact spot, but it IS the location he said the UFO's were when he first spotted them. His report became the first major UFO sighting in Washington state that went worldwide on the news. 

There are two shower tents with portable flush toilets available. One for men, and one for women. You can also use our electric shower setups, and heat water for them from a five-gallon bucket using our drop-in water heaters. If you bring a trailer or small RV with your own facilities, we urge you to use them instead of ours, if you can. (Links above lead to the products at Amazon we're using.) 

Some night lighting will be provided around the stage, and we have an extremely comprehensive First Aid kit with *some* over-the-counter meds. But only meds we are legally allowed to provide, such as Tums for example. Someone trained in Advanced First Aid will be in attendance at all times. 

What YOU Provide: Except for the free BBQ lunch on Saturday, all attendees are expected to provide their own food, drink, and shelter. 

Bring as much water as you manage from your garden hose. This will be used for the showers and the portable flush toilets. We are bringing water, but we can only haul SO much water. Any help is appreciated. And although we are bringing a few propane tanks for the generator, if you bring an extra one and we use it, we will pay you cash for the propane and return the tank to you at the end. 

Number One Priority:  Bring a chair for everyone in your group. It's the one thing people forget the most. We do NOT provide chairs. Bring tables too, if you wish. There is plenty of room for them. 

Alcohol is no one under the age of 21 will be allowed. Forest Service group camp rules allow alcohol, but not with anyone underage around.

Most people will bring tents, or come in camper vans, trucks with campers, or small trailers or small motor homes. The key word is SMALL. The road to the site is pretty good, but it's not the freeway. Class A motorhomes definitely won't make it, and we don't recommend you try bringing any trailer more than 19-21 feet long. 

If you read all this and have questions, (we would be surprised if you didn't) then email us at and we will answer them. 

Make sure you download the Official PDF first. It will answer many of your questions anyway. It is suitable for printing. 

For media presentations, you can put your media on a DVD or on a flash (thumb) drive. For best results burn the files in Xvid or MP4 format. And in as high a resolution as you can if you want to present your stuff on the big screen. Lower resolution files, you can do on our 32-inch TV. You can also bring your own gear if you wish. We can power it all for you, no problem. Contact us if you have questions regarding your media and how we can help you present it. 

See you in July!

Robert, Greg, Gayla, Geoff, and the gang at Adventure Books of Seattle