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Camping Trips Sponsored by Adventure Books of Seattle

One of our favorite activities, and especially for Managing Editor Robert Blevins, is to toss gear into the back of a truck and take a few days off for some Great Northwest car camping. And recently, we decided to invite the public along with us. Our version of camping isn't actually 'roughing' it by sleeping on the cold, hard, ground and eating beans from a can. These days, we believe in things like comfort, BBQ, TV and DVD movies, day hikes, providing a Little Free Library, stereo music, and shelter from the rain and sun. (If you're wondering HOW we power these things, we do it using large-capacity deep cycle batteries, an AC inverter, and a small generator to charge the batteries occasionally.) Our first official gathering was the Eclipse Campout, which was held in eastern Oregon between August 16-22, 2017 to view the total solar eclipse. If you're interested in showing up to a future campout, contact Robert at adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail Dot Com. 

There are a few restrictions on these camping trips, of course. No one under 21 is allowed. And you must bring your own food and shelter, except that we do usually provide one or two free BBQ dinners, plenty of bottled water, and toilet/shower facility. We also provide sources to charge any electrical device you have, and encourage people to bring their DVD's, CD's, or even a video game system if they wish. We can power them all, and provide a 32" Samsung TV to run movies and games. Anything else you are on your own. It's always fun, and FREE.

Generally, the distance we will travel to set up a three or four day campout will be less than a hundred miles from Seattle. We often visit the Olympics, one of our favorite places. This is the last place we went, back in October 2017. Generally, we seek out campsites that are remote, but where you can still drive to them in a regular passenger car.  For information on public campouts we sponsor, contact Robert at [email protected] or visit our Message Board.