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January 11, 2019:  We've opened a new public discussion forum on the Cooper case. Right now, we don't expect a lot of traffic to it. Established on the premise we will need it later. Link to the information on this site is HERE. 

December 1, 2018:  Soon to be the go-to place for D.B. Cooper updates and info! Our new Quora dot com 'Space' for D.B. Cooper. We were invited by Quora staff to create one of their new 'Spaces' dealing with a particular subject. After only two weeks since it's creation, about 400 people have already signed up to either follow the site, or contribute material to it. Generally speaking, Quora accepts only registrations where users provide their REAL name, and a REAL identity. This has rapidly made Quora into a very popular website, since many people on the internet are sick and tired of anonymous users hacking at others on a website. As of September 2018, Quora now boasts more than 300 million unique users. They are based in Mountain View, CA.  Current admins for this Space at Quora include Rob Bertrand (NW Escape Experience in Vancouver, WA) and Darren Schaefer, host of the The D.B. Cooper Podcast. 

November 20, 2018: To answer the question on whether we will be attending the upcoming Cooper Con in Portland in November of this year, that's a NO. We're not supporting this particular event for a number of reasons, although we do encourage others to attend if they wish. 

May 30, 2018 - Download our final report on how DB Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen actually bought his home in Bonney Lake, WA seven months after the hijacking. You can view it HERE in PDF format.