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BACKGROUND:  The famous 'D.B. Cooper' refers to the man who on November 24, 1971 hijacked a Northwest Airlines Boeing 727 between Portland and Seattle. His identity is still unknown and the case remains unsolved even today. Cooper extorted $200,000 in twenty-dollar bills from the airline, plus four parachutes, which he received when the jet landed in Seattle. Cooper released all the passengers, and two of the three stewardesses on board, and the jet took off again for a refueling stop in Reno, Nevada. However, Cooper opened the rear air-stairs on the jet and jumped out somewhere over southwest Washington state never to be seen again. Nine years later, in 1980, approximately $5,800 of the ransom money was found buried on the banks of the Columbia River by a young boy named Brian Ingram, but the location of the money was far off the flight path and how it got there has never been explained. 

UPCOMING EVENTS: Today, Cooper still has many fans and once a year Adventure Books of Seattle staff toss a big three-day party in his honor and attendees discuss the case. The next party is July 8-11, 2022 and details on that are HERE. This is a campout near Mt. Rainier in Washington state and is also attended by UFO and Bigfoot researchers and fans. There is no charge to attend, but you must register to get your name on the email list for maps, updates, and location information. There is a limit of 75 people. Many amenities are provided. If the Contact Form is still up at the bottom left of THIS PAGE, there are still spots available. 

Below is a list of recommended books and the best online resources about the unsolved case. 

Recommended Books at Amazon:

Unsolved Case Files: Escape at 10,000 Feet: D.B. Cooper and the Missing Money by Tom Sullivan (paperback) This one is a children's book with illustrations, but we like it for kids. 

Into The Blast - The True Story of D.B. Cooper by Skipp Porteous and Robert Blevins - Available in paperback and for the Kindle, this book lays out the case against Kenny Peter Christiansen, a former WW2 paratrooper who actually WORKED for Northwest Airlines. To say the book is controversial would be an understatement. 

Skyjack - The Hunt for D.B. Cooper - by Geoffrey Gray. The only Cooper book to reach the New York Times bestseller list, Gray's book is by far the most entertaining and sticks closest to the facts. Like 'Into The Blast,' Gray explores the idea of Kenny Christiansen as being Cooper, but does not come to a firm conclusion. However, Gray includes interviews with witnesses, one of them being a stewardess (Florence Schaffner) who saw Cooper during the hijacking. 

Finding D.B. Cooper - Chasing the Last Lead in America's Only Unsolved Hijacking by Martin Andrade Jr and Martin Andrade Sr. Author Andrade explores the possibility that an earlier book by the late Max Gunther may have had some truth in it, and he lays out his two-year investigation in his book. 

D.B. Cooper and Flight 305 by Robert Edwards - Taking a steady and logical look at the case, Robert Edwards tries to analyze the answers to who Cooper may have been, and how he pulled off the only unsolved skyjacking in US history. 

D.B. Cooper at WordPress - More than fifty illustrated articles exist here on the case, written by the AB of Seattle staff. 

Click HERE to view an eight-page preview of the film script on Kenny Christiansen as D.B. Cooper.

Discussion Forums on the Cooper Case:

The best one, and the only one that does NOT restrict postings to registered members only is DROPZONE, the famous website for skydivers. There are other forums dedicated to Cooper, but they are either restricted, or difficult to deal with sometimes. Some of their members also go anonymous at other places on the internet and attack OTHER Cooper researchers, so we do NOT recommend them. 

The 'DZ' thread on Cooper has tens of thousands of posts and is the most famous site of all about the case. It has been going since 2008. Although it can get heated at Dropzone, it is also monitored enough so that posters who use the forum to attack others unfairly....usually get banned. As far as Cooper discussion forums go, it is easily the most famous one in the world. Anyone who is anyone in the Cooper case has posted there at one time or another, and it contains the greatest wealth of information and images about the case on Planet Earth. 

Below: A selection of images related to the DB Cooper case. Just click on one to see them all one at a time. 

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