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MORE Frequently Asked Questions

50th Anniversary D.B. Cooper 
Festival - Friday, July 9 through Sunday, July 11, 2021.

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Is this D.B. Cooper Party a SURE THING? Has it been finalized yet?

ANSWER: NO, but we're hoping it will be. Here are the details: Whether to finalize this party is entirely up to how much interest is shown, and how many people actually contact us and say they want to attend before we commit our budget. We figure about 1/3 to 1/2 of the people contacting us with an interest in going will actually show up in July. So we are looking at a minimum of 200 people who contact us between now and our Decision Date, which is JUNE 5, 2021. If we reach the minimum number of interested folks by June 5th, we will finalize the event, use our budget to go shopping for everything we need, and do press releases to both Puget Sound media, as well as Portland, OR media. Once we finalize, the party will be held no matter how many who signed up actually SHOW up. Hopefully, at least 100 people will show. That's the goal anyway. We can handle no more than 150 or so at the present site. We also know that some people will drop-in for the weekend because the Forest Service road that leads to the party site is heavily frequented in summertime. But we are not depending on that for attendance. If you want to help, advertise this event to all your social media accounts, and encourage your friends to go with you. 

If I am investigating the DB Cooper case, or have a book on Cooper in the works, or already published, can I make a presentation?

There are a number of speaking or presentation slots available at the festival. Everyone would love to hear your theory, see your video, or whatever you have that's Cooper-related. We are very flexible on this. Get up on stage and do your thing. We provide a PA system, microphones, and you can put your 'stuff' on the big screen or the smart TV if you wish. (Easy to do and we show you how.) If you can't attend in person, you can also create a video and send it to us, and we will present it for you. We also accept audio-only presentations. Contact Robert at to make arrangements, or use the Contact Form on the main festival page. It's easy. If you bring a musical instrument, you can even use the stage and PA system when other things are not scheduled. If your instrument requires electricity, we can do that as well. All scheduled speakers will be listed in the pre-festival PDF that goes out to everyone on the confirmed attendance list, and if you are one of those speakers, you can provide a short description about yourself, your topic, and even a picture if you wish. 

What if I can't make it to the festival in the morning on Friday, July 9th? Can I still come on Saturday?

ANSWER:  Yes. However, it is best to let us know beforehand if you plan to show up late, so we can reserve a good camping spot for you. 

Can I show up as a 'drop-in' WITHOUT using the Contact Form?

ANSWER: YES. Just don't get lost. Make sure you visit the main event page and download the PDF with the directions and maps before you leave. (Available onsite starting Wednesday, July 7) If you forget, you can stop by the Greenwater General Store in Greenwater, WA and pick up a map there...if they have any remaining. The Forest Service turnoff road to the event is near Greenwater and heads south toward Mount Rainier. There will be signs. See the main event page for more details on contacting us if you somehow get lost. Anyone generally known to us in Cooper World must contact us before showing up unannounced, or they will be asked to wait for spots until registered folks are served first. For the best spots, you should contact us using the Contact Form on the main party page. 

What do I do if I get lost on the way there?

Answer: You can try us on our cell phone. Coverage at the site is good. We checked. Or you can radio us either on CB or on the Family Radio Service frequencies on our Baofeng ham units. Check the main page for more details. Frequencies we monitor and our cell numbers are provided in the official program, which is sent out two-three weeks prior to anyone on our email list. Drop-ins can download it from this website starting July 7, two days before the party. It contains all the information you need, including maps, driving directions, and a list of suggested gear. You probably won't get lost, and maps will be made available the day prior to the event at the Greenwater General Store in Greenwater, WA.

What are the three most important things I should know?

ANSWER: Bring a chair for everyone in your group. It's the one thing people forget the most. If you want a table wherever you are hanging out, bring that as well. Bring more water than you think you will actually need, especially if you want to take a shower, or to help feed the flush toilets. We cannot provide chairs or tables for you, and we can only haul SO much water. It's a group effort, so help us out. Each toilet holds four gallons of water, and when they run dry, we have to refill them. AB of Seattle staff, or our volunteers, will be responsible for ensuring both bathroom/shower tents are fully stocked and always working. 

Can you tell me anything about where the festival will be held, so I can make an informed decision on whether I want to drive that far to attend? 

ANSWER: The actual location of the campsite is an open secret until you receive your PDF with all the final information, but we can tell you this much: It will be held north of Mount Rainier, with a stunning view of what Washingtonians call 'The Mountain'. It is roughly a 70-90 minute drive EAST from the Seattle or Tacoma area, and it's in the Snoqualmie National Forest. From either east or west, the main highway to the Forest Service road turnoff is Highway 410, near Greenwater, WA. After you turn off the main highway and head south, it's roughly a nine-mile drive to the site. A general picture of the area is shown at the bottom of this page. 

If I need more supplies after I get to the festival, where can I go to get them?

ANSWER: Our advice is that you stock up good before you arrive, not try to return to town. Sure, you can go back to town, but the nearest store is nine miles away, with most of the route over a dirt road. There is a mini-mart gas station and store not far from the Forest Service road turnoff where you can pick up last-minute fuel, food, propane, or other supplies. It is a Chevron station in Greenwater, WA. Next door to it is the Greenwater General Store. NOTE: Both of these places close in the evening. 

Can I bring my kids along? Is this a family-oriented event? 

ANSWER: NO. Most DB Cooper fans are older folks, or at least over the age of 21. We can't be responsible for your kids, and since alcohol is allowed while camping in the National Forest, and we are operating under a permit, anyone under the age of 21 can't attend since alcohol will undoubtedly be present. Our permit doesn't cover anyone underage. The event, the music, and practically everything else is geared to ADULTS.

Can I bring my dog?

ANSWER: We thought about this for a long time. And we had to say no. The reason is because if you have a dog along on a camping trip, most dogs will bark all night at anything they hear in the woods. On one of our smaller 'Cooper Campouts' from previous years, we allowed dogs and it was a nightmare. No one got any sleep. Sorry, no dogs are allowed onsite. Cats are okay. But if you bring your cat along, make sure it doesn't get away from you and become a coyote's meal, because it certainly will. 

Is it okay to bring my RV or trailer? 

ANSWER: Yes, but nothing too large. The roads are okay for normal vehicles. If you want to bring a small trailer or small RV, you will be fine. We do NOT recommend large RV's or trailers longer than 19', or you probably won't get there anyway. The dirt road to the site is a GOOD one. But it's not the freeway, either. If you have a truck camper or camper van, tent trailer, or small trailer, that's your best bet. Campsites are on a first-come, first-served basis, but there are plenty of them. 

Is there anything I can bring along that would help you guys at Adventure Books?

ANSWER:  Hell, yes. If you have an extra propane tank hanging around, fill it up and bring it along. We use propane to run the main generator, although we have other power sources as well. Bring as much water as you can, even if it comes from your garden hose. We use extra water to keep the flush toilets going and the shower bags filled. We will pay you the money you spent to fill your propane tank, of course. But we can only haul up so much propane on our own, and so much water, so any additional will really help. 

Is the media involved?

ANSWER:  A press release, along with the PDF document and some additional contact information will be sent to all major Seattle/Portland media outlets about six weeks before the Festival. Whether any media actually show up, we cannot say. However, media reps will be required to have been vaccinated as well, or they will not be allowed on site. Two local newspapers have already requested cooperation from us on articles related to the Festival, but we are asking them to wait until the date of the event gets closer. 

There will probably be some media coverage, sure. But we're not doing this for media coverage. It's for Cooper fans in the Pacific Northwest, or even farther away if they are crazy enough to make the trip. 

If you have any more questions, or want to do a general inquiry on this event, contact either Robert Blevins or Greg the Techie Guy at Adventure Books of Seattle at 

If you are a member of the press, please let us know which media outlet you represent. 


Last updated:  03/22/2021