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Links to people, resources, forums, or organizations we know and trust.


 Bewildering Stories is the online magazine of sci-fi, fantasy, and poetry, that was founded by Don Webb and Jerry Wright. It has been going since 2002. Highly recommended.

Ursula K. LeGuin Her extensive work includes the famous Earthsea series, 'The Left Hand of Darkness', 'The Lathe of Heaven' and other works. Are you kidding? She's not only one of the best sci-fi writers on the planet, but she's REALLY nice to fans and a resident of the Great Northwest. If you send her a polite letter using the address and directions on her website, she will send you a few signed book plates. 
Admit it. You love her already. (Picture credit: Marian W Kolisch)

The Official Zuzu Website - She played James Stewart's daughter in the film 'It's A Wonderful Life.' Karolyn Grimes sent AB a nice Christmas message and it really made our day! You can read about her career and very interesting life on her official website. 'Zuzu' is a Washington State resident and although she has a webmaster, she does answer all messages to her personally.


Allan Guthrie  Commissioning Editor of Point-Blank Press and the author of several crime novels. He is from Edinburgh. His excellent advice on cutting out the deadwood in a novel, or 'Hunting Down the Pleonasm' has become legend, and can be downloaded in the Word version HERE.