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Professional-Level Book Packaging and Editing Services

'The most valuable of all talents,' said Thomas Jefferson, 'is that of never using two words when one will do...'

AB of Seattle offers several levels of editing, from simple proofreading, to complete rewrites of your book. Below are listed some of the services available. Fees are by arrangement and satisfaction is guaranteed.






  • Proofreading: The simplest of all editing services, this is where we check your manuscript for basic spelling and grammatical errors only. 
  • Rewrites: We take your existing manuscript and improve style, structure, and dialogue, as well as proofreading it for errors.
  • Rewrite with conversion to print format: You provide the manuscript, we do the rewrite. The finished product is returned to you in two versions. The first is a Word document suitable for traditional submission on paper to publishing houses. The second is an Adobe  PDF that meets '2001 X-1A' standards for digital publishing in print. Using this PDF, you can upload it to iUniverse, CreateSpace, Lightning Source, or other print providers for release.
    (We recommend Lightning Source as the best)

  • Book Packaging: This is the Whole Smash. We take your rough manuscript and do all of the above, including cover creation, and provide you with the finished cover file and the interior bookblock file. You simply upload them to your print provider and your book is ready for Amazon release. Along the way, we also format your book for the Amazon Kindle in a separate file. All you have to do is purchase an ISBN-13 for your book from Bowkers and you're ready to go. We add the ISBN to the book's credits page before we return your files. If you would like us to fill in the metadata information for the book and write the official book description that will appear everywhere on the internet regarding your book, we can do that as well.
  • Selling Your Work on Amazon for the Kindle: If you have something you'd like to make available on the Kindle, we can assist you in setting up an account, formatting your ms, and presenting your work.

Fees vary from about $350 for a simple proofread up to $3,500 for a complete packaging service. We custom-bid each job and fees often depend on the length of the book and other factors. There are no hidden fees, and in the case of book packaging, we only work on manuscripts where we believe we can satisfy you with the results. 

In other words, if we think your book is simply beyond hope in its present form, we will turn you down rather than take your money.

If you have questions, or would like to inquire about our editing service, contact Robert Blevins at adventurebooksofseattleATgmailDOTCOM.