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Fun Public Events Hosted by Adventure Books of Seattle

Our last public event was the D.B Cooper/UFO Skywatch Party near Mt. Rainier in Washington state between July 8-10, 2022. Previous events have included the Great American Eclipse campout and others. Applications to attend this event closed on May 6th, 2022 when we reached the maximum number of people allowed by the US Forest Service for group campouts. 

We usually sponsor events like this two or three times a year, and provide many amenities for attendees.  

There is never a charge, but you must get on the attendee list to go, and to receive your maps and other information for any event. We work from a list of confirmed attendees ONLY. This policy is for your safety. We don't want anyone to get lost. All events are held OUTDOORS and are CAMPOUT events. They are drive-to locations, no hiking involved.

For information on how YOU and your party can be a part of these fun events, drop a message on us through our main email link at  Our next event has been scheduled. Information is at the bottom of this page.

Our latest trip (see the video below) involved making it to the summit of Darland Mountain, near Yakima, WA. People said we'd never make it. This was not a public campout event, though. It was a private trip taken by Robert Blevins and Susan Rapp. 

Well, they don't call us 'Adventure' Books of Seattle for nothing.