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Sponsored Camping Trips and Other Public Events

One of our favorite activities outside of work is to organize camping trips into remote areas of the Pacific Northwest. LEFT: Robert setting up camp in the Olympic National Forest in July 2018, about twenty miles northwest of Shelton, WA.  

Next Scheduled Trip:  Our next campout WAS to be the first weekend of August 2020, but due to the Covid-19 crisis, it has been canceled. If the crisis is under control by Spring 2021, we will reschedule for that time with proper notice beforehand. 

How It Works: 
About two or three times a year, we put an announcement on this page about an upcoming campout and give details. You should make a shortcut and check in occasionally. If interested in going, just fill out the contact form on your right and send it to us. We get back to you quickly.  You may also apply directly by emailing Robert at adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail dot com. 

What We Provide:  This is how it goes -  ALL SITES SELECTED ARE DRIVE-IN SITES. There is no hiking involved to reach them. We pitch very large tarps for shelter, enable at least two public power sources, provide a propane BBQ for everyone to use, set up limited private bathroom and shower facility, and provide some emergency food and drink in case you run short. There is never a charge to attend and anyone is welcome. What are these campouts like? See the article at WordPress.

Entertainment:  We use a portable stereo that plays CD's or MP3 files from a USB flash drive. For movies and television, we use an LED projector onto a 10-foot-wide screen that will take virtually any media, such as a DVD player, (we have one), flash drive, smartphone, video camera, or a laptop computer. There is a power station available for charging your devices, and we use a small generator that we run about 150 feet from the main campsite via extension cords, to keep generator noise away from the site. Campers are encouraged to bring any media or devices they wish, including video game systems, all of which we can power easily. We also test out possible sites for cell phone service, and only select those which have solid service, so people can phone home ET or make live internet videos or posts to forums and Facebook. (This usually requires a scouting trip beforehand.) Recently, we also picked up a two-room bathroom/shower tent with the shower included, and a large portable flush toilet. 

Activities:  Fishing, day hiking, lounging around all day, campfire, photography, and camaraderie are common. You are expected to bring three things we do NOT provide - Shelter, bedding, and a CHAIR. You would be surprised how many people show up without something to park their behind on, and we do NOT provide extra chairs. We also practice a policy of Leave It As You Found It. If you are interested in going on our next camp trip, or just want more information, fill out the form on the upper right of this page and send it to us. We answer all inquiries promptly.