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Adventure Books of Seattle has joined with SUFON (The Seattle UFO Network) as an Event Organizer. We sponsored the first annual UFO Skywatch Party just north of Mt. Rainier in Washington State in 2021. 

The Second Annual UFO Skywatch Party runs from  Friday, July 8, through Sunday, July 10, 2022. Make sure you get on the email update list, which guarantees you a spot at the Party! Unless you see a notice here that we have filled all the slots, there are still slots available. As of January 21, 2022 there are about 40 slots out of 75 still open. 

SUFON organizer Mary K of Meadowhawk Designs has a store on ETSY with several SUFON items offered. 

See her Etsy site HERE.   (Opens in new window.) Some pictures shown on the left of a few of the items. 

What is the 'UFO Skywatch Party'? 

Simply put, it is a yearly group campout in the Snoqualmie National Forest north of Mt. Rainier, where the first major UFO sighting was reported by pilot Kenneth Arnold. Expect some Bigfoot folks and alien abductee people to show up, as well as a sprinkling of 'DB Cooper' fans. People bring their tents, their small RVs (UNDER 21 feet!) camper vans, even sometimes sleeping in their cars. The road to the campsite can be a bit bumpy in places, but is easily negotiable by any car or truck. Have no illusions. This is a party, especially after dark. 

Don't forget to bring chairs for everyone in your group! We do NOT provide chairs. 

Warnings and Cautions: The nearest grocery store to this event is about 15 miles back down a Forest Service road. You should bring enough water and supplies and drinks to last you a minimum of three days and have at least a half-tank of fuel when you arrive. Adventure Books of Seattle will offer a free BBQ dinner over the weekend and provide some public shelter for this event. A public address system, small stage, and microphone will be available for anyone who wishes to speak at the event on themes related to either the DB Cooper case, or anything about UFO's or other issues relevant to SUFON, the Seattle UFO Network. 

All attendees must REGISTER IN ADVANCE. This is for your safety, because we want you to make it there in one piece, and have a way to contact us if you have trouble getting to the site. We also need to know the approximate number of people who are attending, in order to generate a budget for this event. If you plan to include a slideshow or other media in a presentation, we can let you know what media we can help you present. Flash drives with MP4 videos work well on our 32 inch smart TV, and we have a DVD player as well. Slide shows of still images can also be done using the remote for the TV, but the format must be JPEG for stills. If you have questions on what media we can do, or if you want to bring your own electronics to present something, we do have power available. Power is provided using a propane-powered generator set up some distance from the main site, using heavy-duty extension cords to bring in the electricity. This keeps the generator noise from being a bother. 

Some gear for public use provided by the AB staff include a propane-powered fire bowl that subs as the campfire (due to campfire restrictions in summer), and a flush toilet and hot water shower inside a shower tent. 

Interested in attending next July? Either contact Robert Blevins at or use the Contact Form below. We respond to all messages. Attendance is limited to no more than 75 people, due to Forest Service rules regarding Group Campouts. (Beyond 75 people, we would need a special permit so we are limiting reservations to the first 75 people who apply.) All registrants receive a comprehensive PDF before the event with maps, suggested gear, emergency contact numbers, and full information on the party.

There is absolutely NO CHARGE to attend, but you must reserve a spot in advance or you will be turned away. You may use the Contact Form below to reserve your spot.  

NOTE: Cell service reception at this spot has been confirmed. We will do a final check on this a few weeks prior to the event, on a scouting trip to the summit area. One reason your smartphone works here is because at that altitude, you can reach any cell tower within a 25-mile radius in any direction, and there are a few within that range.

Interested? If this page is still up, there are still openings available, but no drop-ins are allowed. No one under 21 is allowed due to US Forest Service rules on group camps and the use of alcohol. The form on the left is a good way to do it. You can also make inquiries or get more details by contacting Robert Blevins directly at

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