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The Staff - Robert, Geoff, Phoebe, Greg, and Gayla

Robert M. Blevins is one of two managing editors for AB, sharing those duties with Geoff Nelder of England.

Robert spent his early years in San Francisco and later moved to the Seattle area. His many stops along the way include places like Midway Island, Kwajalein Atoll, the Philippines, Guam, Mexico, and Hawaii.

When he is not writing, editing, or wading through submissions, Robert spends his spare time camping, fishing, and hiking the Great Northwest. Robert's current projects include co-producing a two-hour film on homelessness in Seattle, which begins shooting in early 2020. He is also releasing his autobiography, due out late the same year.


Geoff Nelder is from Chester, England and was the managing editor for AB's Escape Velocity sci-fi magazine. Although the magazine is no longer being published, you can find the best of it in our book
Escape Velocity - The Anthology at Amazon.

Mr. Nelder is a Post-Graduate Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and the author of a reference book on the weather.

You can view a slideshow about his latest book,
'Escaping Reality,' on the
Geoff Nelder page.

Although he is modest about it, Mr. Nelder is also a former computing teacher and the holder of several degrees.

This officially makes Mr Nelder the smartest person on the staff.

You can view Geoff's sci-fi blog

Phoebe Ezell coordinates AB's Young Writers' Outreach Project. This special program allows book submissions by writers under the age of 18, under certain restrictions, and offers traditional mainstream publication from a young author.

Ezell works for a Missouri school district teaching troubled kids who have been suspended in the K-5 age group. She is a graduate of the Tacoma Community College (with honors) and holds a Bachelor's degree in elementary education from the Missouri State University.  





Greg - Because he values his privacy, we sometimes refer to our IT advisor only by his first name, although he does allow us to use his full name in the copyright pages of AB books.

So...if you MUST know, just buy the right book.

Greg works in program development and testing for Microsoft and is one heck of a nice guy.









Gayla Prociv
is the CEO of Adventure Books.

She sets financial policy for the company, assists in customer relations, and occasionally processes booksales for wholesale customers who wish to purchase from Adventure Books directly